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Capacity Development

Vainess Mwembe, a beneficiary of Binga Women Empowerment Project from Siachilaba ward, in Binga district, attended a three day long skills training workshop at Mationesa Skills training Centre in Macheke. The handcraft skills training course ran from the 13 to 15 March 2013. The purpose of the training was gaining knowledge of natural dying. The sole reason of this training was to enable the introduction of colour and variety in the products so as to make the artefacts more attractive for the target market. Designed to be a training of trainers course, the activity-packed workshop sought to impart the participant with skills on using natural dyes in the processing of fabrics and colouring of handicrafts. At the end of the workshops, the participant appreciated that the course had been worth every moment spent at the Centre as a lot of knowledge and skills were gained. She was quite assured that with the quality of training she had received, she would not face any difficulties sharing her experiences and cascading the skills acquired from this learning station. She expressed her sincere gratitude to Zubo, the sponsor of the course as well as the hosts, Kunzwana who had had provided them with the facilities for the course.