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Since its inception in 2010, Zubo had difficulties in implementing community projects in Binga because it did not have a vehicle to monitor the project activities in six wards of the District. The situation has since changed. Thanks to WELTHAUS who donated a vehicle to Zubo.

“On behalf of Zubo and the rights holders in Binga District, I would like to thank Monika Scheffler, Marianne Koch and WELTHAUS family donating a car Zubo. We have since to managed to conduct our monthly monitoring visits and our women networks have been strengthened unlike before we had a car,” said Mrs Rosemary Cumanzala, the Co-ordinator of Zubo.

Zubo is strengthening the network of 670 disadvantaged rural women, girls, boys and men to fully participate in socio-economic empowerment projects. With the prevention of gender based violence at its core, the project has had a positive impact on the quality of life of the targeted population as their socio-economic status has changed for the better through the introduction of income generating initiatives and increased awareness of the negative effects of gender imbalance.