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In April 2009, double strategy struck the Muzanhi family when the father succumbed to AIDS after a prolonged battle with the illness. The mother, who had also been unwell struggling with cervix cancer finally lost the fight against the debilitating ailment. For Alice, the eldest of the six now orphaned children, life became a nightmare soon after the burial of her mother as the role of substitute parent was suddenly thrust upon her. As if that was not enough, she and her five siblings were now being hounded out of school for lack of stationery and uniforms even though for their fees, they had already been enrolled under BEAM, the state tuition scheme for disadvantaged pupils. Mrs Moyo, a member of Mpumelelo project quickly talked her out of her new found venture and offered to enlist her in the local nutrition garden project which had been born out of Zubo, a community based NGO’s efforts on the rural women. She was promptly oriented in the project and being an eager person, she took to it in no time. She sold vegetables for income generating while some of the produce was consumed. She managed to earn sufficient cash to provide basics for her charges and was also able to go back to school. Click here to read the rest of the Muzhani family story.