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Fighting Against Gender Based Violence

My name is Regina Mumpande. I am from Chinonge and married to Robert Muunga. For the past seven years, my life has been ‘hell’ with this man. He has beaten me up for reasons such as late preparation of food, my economic dependence on him, his frustrations among others. I was kept in isolation and was never allowed to mingle with other women. He never allowed me to run any business. The foundation of all this was the misconception that business ladies are ‘loose’ women and they sleep around with other man. At one point, he threatened me with a knife so that I would confess my boyfriend to him. Despite denying the allegations, he went ahead and thumped me so hard. As if that was not enough, he would insult me right in front of my children and claim I am a strumpet because my mother (his in-law) raised me that way. Just when I needed solutions to my problems, Zubo through Padare came in with its gender based violence programme. Life slowly changed and I am happy to announce that my husband has changed.