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A livelihoods intervention initiated by a forum of disadvantaged women from Simatelele ward of Binga district has seen hundreds of local households and selected children benefiting in different ways. Supported by Zubo, a humanitarian organisation implementing a gender empowerment programme in the district, the women’s forum came up with the idea of establishing a fruit drinking making project as an income generating venture. Using indigenous knowledge, the group is brewing a variety of flavours from the sweet and nutritious baobab and marula fruits that grow in profuse abundance.

Meanwhile, Kaite, Zubo’s partner has been buying Rossela, another natural resource from the Binga communities and hence the increase in the financial base of the communities. Kaite in partnership with Zubo has been supporting the exploitation of natural resources like Strophantus Kombe for the Binga women since 2011.

Operating under the guidance of Zubo, a community oriented Non-Governmental Organisation, with its partners, Hilswerk Austria-Zimbabwe and Bio Innovation Zimbabwe, the Binga women  have ventured into income generating projects with the income that they got from marula and baobab exploitation.

Asked what change she has noted, Kelesia Munsaka a project member said,” I am now able to buy stationery for my children, pay their school fees besides buying good and decent clothing for my family. Life used to be very hard but now the future looks bright.”