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The new pond of the Tuligwasye Women's Group

Zubo Trust is venturing in to fish-farming with the Tuligwasye Women’s Group at Sebungwe River Mouth, Simatelele Ward.

Zubo Trust has been supporting the women in this new project of fish-farming. During the rainy season the women are already maintaining a garden at the site. The fish-farming, so Zubo’s suggestion to the women, could help to support the women and their families throughout the year.

Mugande, project officer at Zubo, tells us about the Tuligwasye women and this site at Sebungwe River Mouth. “Tuligwasye” means , women let’s help ourselves! This group, Mugande says, has been so dedicated and working so hard that more than one local NGO came in to offer them support.

This way, the Tuligwasye Women are now proud owners of water tanks, a water pump, and solar panels. The water pump brings the “river” up the shore to the women. They no longer have to go to fetch water from the shallow waters at the river mouth, which are infested by crocodiles. Once the water was available in tanks on this higher area, the industrious women started a garden project. But the garden project brings only a seasonal support to the women; during the rainy season, the women are cultivating vegetable, which they are selling.

Zubo Trust then came in offering support to the Tuligwasye Women for a fish farming project. Here, the chairlady of the Tuligwasey Women and a member of the group express their gratefulness to Zubo Trust and the other supporting organisations. They say they want even more water and more seeds, and they will work even harder.

“Tobanakaze atulibelekele”, women let’s work for ourselves! is the call-out to all women of the Tuligwasye Women’s group at Sebungwe River Mouth. They will keep singing, even when carrying heavy stones to build their fish-pond.

The day at Sebungwe River Mouth Primary School also saw the election of a new Association. Representatives from three of Zubo Trust’s Women’s projects were coming together for an induction on the importance of such an association representing the concerns of women in fisheries. The training was delivered by officers from the Ministry of Women Affairs, Binga office. The training concluded with the election of the new Association’s board.

The participating women were from the Bbindawuko Cooperative, the Siachilaba Fish Market Association and the Tuligwasye Women. The new Association will now represent the women’s concerns on district level – meaning in an environment, which up to now was dominated by men.