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IMG-20170905-WA0001These pictures document a currently ongoing workshop of Zubo Trust to advance the women’s production in quality soap from Jatropha seeds and its packaging according to EU standards. Jatropha seeds are a natural resource abundantly available in the area. 

IMG-20170905-WA0004Support for these advances comes from Welthaus Bielefeld in Germany which also earlier in 2015 provided crucial funding for the construction of a purpose-built centre to house Zubo’s soap manufacture (seen in the background here). This year Zubo Trust also gratefully acknowledges considerable support by the German Embassy in Zimbabwe.

IMG-20170905-WA0006An expert in soap-manufacturing from Germany is facilitating the current training of Zubo women. In 2015, Zubo Director, Rosemary Cumanzala had visited the St. Annen Soap Manufacture through the contact and initiative of the Southern Africa work-group at Welthaus Bielefeld.

IMG-20170905-WA0005Zubo Trust estimates that it will take up to two years to develop a market, locally and regionally as well as a functioning export chain internationally for their soap production. In the meantime, additional funding is needed especially to pay for the women who are collecting the Jatropha seeds, and for those who run and maintain the hand-crafted production of quality soap. The women need to be remunerated during the business development period so that they can continue supporting their families. 

Your support for this undertaking will be much appreciated. Welthaus Bielefeld is calling for funding contributions here, on their website.