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Zubo Women have amassed and produced a remarkable collection of local audio recordings. We are inviting you to visit our archive and listen as we tell our stories. Listen to a playlist of excerpts from our recordings and our comments on the experiences as local media producers in our own community.

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Part of Zubo’s mission is to improve women and children’s lives through research, documentation and information dissemination in our community. In April 2016, Zubo started a project to document the stories of women in the Zambezi valley. The project is directed and implemented by Zubo Women themselves; it included skills transfer, training and communication development among the women. It focuses on the women’s daily lives and the progress in their livelihood projects and intends to document the changes which these projects may effect. The project further documents the women’s cultural knowledge and the stories that have been passed down through generations of BaTonga women.

Here, you may access and brows the Zubo archive and conduct keyword searches

The recordings are mainly in our local language, ChiTonga. But we have made an effort adding summary translations in English in the recordings; the texts on the archive pages also provide introductions in English.


Zubo’s six community based facilitators were trained in using audio recorders to document their stories with the help of Claudia Wegener, a Voluntary Trainer who taught and also procured all necessary equipment for Zubo. As a result of this project the stories, wisdom and experiences of BaTonga women will be accessible through contemporary media platforms, a public resource of Tonga indigenous knowledge for future generations in Zimbabwe, as well as to the global online community.

Here, you may zoom in locally on the global map and listen to our stories exactly where we recorded them.

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Our recordings have already featured in regional broadcasts and on radio stations in Europe; and in the music productions of award-winning DJs.

In purchasing the Album “Radio Remixes Voices of Binga” by Crystal DJ Kwe Favel, you’ll support the work of women for women across the globe. From the online sales, 50% of proceed go to women in Binga via Zubo Trust.


Our colleagues at Zongwe FM across the Kariba Lake in Sinazongwe Zambia have produced live broadcasts featuring Zubo recordings from Binga to the local Tonga community.

Women on air ZongweFM

Zubo Trust and radio continental drift/ Claudia Wegener gratefully acknowledge the support of the Solidarity Fund of the Boeckler Foundation for the purchase of audio equipment for the project; and the assistance of FUgE e.V. and numerous private donors in Germany and elsewhere providing for transport and subsistence of the women participants during training.