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Part of Zubo’s mission is to improve the lives of women and children in the Binga communities. From its inception, Zubo knew the value which research, documentation and information dissemination can contribute in this task.

In April, Zubo started a project to document the stories of women in the Zambezi valley. “Documentation of Women Stories” singular in its kind by being a self-directed and participatory project including skills transfer, training and communication development among Zubo’s women, in the office, the Women Forums and among the facilitators on the ground.

Six community based facilitators were trained in using audio recorders to document their stories with the help of Claudia Wegener who volunteered to teach and also procured all necessary equipment for Zubo.

This project focuses on the women’s daily lives and the progress in their livelihood projects; and it intends to continue documenting the changes, which these projects may effect. The project further documents the women’s cultural knowledge and the stories that have been passed down through generations of BaTonga women.


As a result of this project the stories, wisdom and experiences of BaTonga women will be accessible through contemporary media platforms and, will be an available resource of indigenous knowledge for future generations locally, as well as to global online audiences.


The playlist of 20 tracks presents some samples of recordings, which the rural BaTonga Women of Zubo Trust produced in their communities. While the project is in fact still continuing on the ground, this sampler already opens a window to the forthcoming release of the entire audio collection of recordings during the current project run.

From here, Zubo’s women will now continue documenting their ongoing project work, local life and culture.


The Zubo Women (CBFs) who made the recordings are:

  • Eunice Munenge in Chinonge Ward
  • Julia Mumpande in Siachilaba Ward
  • Lucia Munenge in Sikalenge Ward
  • Margaret Munkuli in Manjolo Ward
  • Ottilia Tshuma in Simatelele Ward
  • Regina Munkuli in Kariangwe Ward


“… this is a Plus on to Zubo!”

Hear Anthony Ncube, Ward Community Development Officer at the Ministry of Women Affairs (MoWA) in Binga who participated actively in Zubo’s July workshops for audio documentation of Women Stories. He assesses the value of empowering women to self-document their work and achievements. “… this is a Plus on to Zubo!”