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Sikalenge Womens Forum

In each of the 6 wards that Zubo is currently working in, a group of women meet regularly to discuss the problems faced by women and children in their ward. These women also then discuss possible solutions to their problems. The Women Forums are a unique and crucial feature in Zubo’s organogram. They were initiated in the early days of the organisation’s operation and, since then have been instrumental in reaching out deep into the dispersed rural communities. Each of the 25 members of a Women’s Forum is selected to represent a village; and it is through these structures that information and training is effectively cascaded on to village-level, where daily lives and project work are taking place.

Hear the Director of Zubo Trust, Rosemary Cumanzala, as she tells us how the forums operate.

Songs are an important feature in this process; in the songs the women talk about their daily lives and their projects, pass on teachings and messages of awareness and celebrate their success stories through working together as a team and inviting other women to follow their example.

Listen here to an audio sampler featuring some of these songs from Zubo’s Women’s Forums and one example of how it sounds when the women are presenting and discussing their activities among themselves. In this case, you are hearing the Chinonge Women’s Forum during a monitoring visit of Project Officer Mugande in May 2016.